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Tranfigurative Spirituality for Formation and Direction

Your Immortal Diamond


What would it be like to spend a night in prayer with Jesus as he calls you?  What is Jesus calling you to?  What has he called you into?

Sit in a quiet place today with no distractions, open your heart to the Lord’s presence in the radiance of the Holy Spirit.  This meditation is designed for you to spend as much time as needed to be with the Lord.  At the end of each sentence you are invited to linger there as long as needed to feel and experience what is going on inside of you before moving on.

Imagine Jesus’ deep concern for you. He invites you into the light of his presence.  He sees you as you are with all your wounds, your struggles, your inadequacies, your emotional states, the ways you hurt yourself, the ways you beat yourself up.  The self condemning messages you speak to yourself in your heart. The nights you lay on your bed in brokenness and despair wondering what it is all about, how life has passed you by, wondering why you feel so disconnected from those you love the most and from God.

Imagine Jesus joining you there in that place.  He spends the night with you in prayer.  As you join him there you sense his love.  At first it is like a small candle in the distance, a light you can barely see.  Imagine him kneeling beside you in prayer – you join him kneeling before God.  You sense the radiance, energy, a light that begins to grow in your heart.  You sense that you are something more than you ever thought you were.  Maybe for the first time you sense that you are deeply loved, deeply known, completely accepted.  Jesus is with you and with the Father at the same time, wrapped in the Spirit’s breath.  You feel this new life, this new light infusing your being.

As you are kneeling together Jesus reaches for your hand.  When he grasps your hand you feel the very light of God infuse your being.  Finally the presence of such great love overwhelms you and the tears start.  The sobs come…you feel enveloped by total unconditional love, compassion and acceptance.  Your heart breaks open; the tears heal those broken places in you as you feel the invasion of love’s light scattering throughout your being.  You glance over to Jesus and see tears rolling down his cheeks.  Nobody has ever looked at you like he looks at you.  Compelled from within you move closer to him.  He lets go of your hand and puts his arm around you in a close embrace. You feel immersed in his love, his strength, his passion.  The tears stop.  He holds you for a long time.  Your heart becomes calm, quiet, and receptive to this divine presence.  He is inviting something up from the depths of your being that you either never knew was there or have lost touch with.

Jesus whispers, “My Beloved, you are a treasure to me, to my Father and your Father.”  In your heart you see a precious gemstone coming to the surface of your consciousness.  It is reflecting the light that is filling you, but it is also moving out of your being into the room, into the world as it bounces off the immortal diamond shining inside your being.

Putting on Christ Consciousness

There will be neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male or female,  for you are all one in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:27

How does that happen, what strange paradox is this?  How does this unity occur?  As we look more deeply into the mystical tradition of the Church both East and West, we are enticed by the promise of oneness.  We are offered a way to heal the separation between our masculine and feminine energies which wound us and then allow us to participate in the transformation of our perception of  the power of the Divine in our lives.  Coupled with the cultural adaptations we find ourselves in politically and religiously we face a startling proposition.  How does one navigate these waters?

How do we heal the split, what in us needs to show up, be open to, prepare for Grace to find us while not losing our identity in Christ?  Truth is often found in myth and in listening to the stories of narrative that have shaped us, we listen to our own stories in the myth.  What is the inner truth of what lays beyond the paradox?  The mystics step in and tell us their simple experience of living beyond the paradox.  Those who neither cling to one polarity or the other but have lived a deeply felt experience of God’s presence emerging from both have offered us Christ as Mother, God as Father yet both of the same essence.  How do we reconcile these truths?

Changing one’s conscious awareness we struggle to hold two opposites until the third emerges of its own accord.  We learn to identify with our own position, we learn to let go, we learn to step in another’s shoes and hold their place, and we learn that everyone is us too.  This interconnectedness in our relationships, in our understandings increases the depth of our heart space and allows the openess necessary for Grace to enter.  It is not an easy task, we have often been often too wounded by love.  it requires courage and honesty and often takes suffering to make us take the plunge.  Yet, when we meet the resistance of the world, when we meet with our own resistance, when we live from our own poverty, we are granted another opportunity to put on Christ.

To learn more about masculine and feminine spirituality, you can check out our Retreat offerings or visit us while at the SDI Conference in St Paul, Minnesota in April 2013.  We invite your thoughts and comments for the journey.

Receiving God’s Gaze

    When we are still, when we have quieted the hustle bustle of our daily lives, we are ready to receive.  Receiving is such a feminine activity for both men and women, receiving what others are giving us in a generous fashion, receiving what God is giving us in a generosity unparalleled.  Receiving without judgment or expectation, being present in the recieving, we can learn to hold God’s gaze.  Watching a sunset is such a practice, as we watch in quiet at the brightness on the horizon we know we too are moving through a time of cycles.  We can’t hold onto God’s gaze anymore than we can prevent the sun from setting, yet we can continue to look in hope for the rising sun in due time, the next place from which we will connect to God’s loving embrace.

This fall we begin a new program and our spiritual expression will focus on Icons, receving God’s gaze through the art of iconography.  Becoming one with the art and receiving what lays be3yond it, we like the icon are substantial.  Underneath this substantiality we are moved by the underlying Divine love which promotes and transforms our own energies.

Come and join us!

We welcome two new teachers / spiritual mentors to the Light of Tabor Conferences.  George Gordon is a wonderful insightful minister and spiritual mentor of many years who will develop our work in the Enneagram and Meyers Briggs as they are used for tools in spiritual direction.  He is a traveler and pilgrim of the world and of spirituality. His work with men is long standing and he shares his compassion for the area of blending spirituality with psychology.

Loretta Ross is both a Spiritual Director and Minister with many years of experience in prayer and in spiritual writing.  She will be joining us and growing us in the art of spiritual journaling, a way of reflecting upon our experience of God so that it becomes the “felt” experience and moves from head to heart. She is a deeply contemplative woman of prayer who embodies for us what transformational possibilities are contained in the act of prayer.

We hope you will look forward to meeting these two new guides who are eager and waiting to greet you on this leg of your own pilgrimage.

Please recommend us to your friends and spiritual acquaintances so we can take the first step……

Enjoy receiving the Gaze, feel the Light, mirror the Love.

The Greater Arch

We are almost at the midway point in the liturgical calendar between the Feast of the Baptism of Jesus (Jan. 13) and the Feast of the Transfiguration (Aug. 6).  These two occasions signify many things but one in particular stands out, God’s voice is heard in both; in the Baptism, the dove of the Holy Spirit made the Presence known visibly and audibly. God was to say, “this is my Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased (Matt 3:17)  and again God speaks while remaining hidden in a cloud during the Transfiguration in Matthew 17:5, “this is my Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. Hear him.”

These two occasions call to us to examine our own Belovedness before God.  By what name does God call you?  When have you understood yourself to be beloved?  When have you felt the gaze of God that went beyond your intellectual understanding of God?

As we move into the end of spring we can see our part in creation greening up as the earth prepares for the growing season.  Creation is the beginning of the Greater Arch whilst the Incarnation (Christ being born in us) serves as its apex. As we move towards the other side of the great arch we are called to “become” in the place of Theosis where we participate in the Divine.

How will you be participating this season?  What part of you is becoming  wired into God’s divinity?  What part of you has gone through a season of self emptying so the business of  turning self will over to graced will is cooperation and then communion?

We invite you to join our community of spiritual pilgrims and welcome your comments and stories of the ways you have encountered Holy Presence in your life.


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